An Introduction for New Acolytes of Candlekeep

“. . . you must understand, young acolytes, that we not only pride ourselves on the sheer amount of information we have available but also on its veracity. So much new information has come to light over the past century, that we feel it is necessary to now pour-over every tome, page-shred, parchment, and tablet in our massive collection to see if the information therein can be corroborated. Therefore, it is imperative -- as part of your futures here -- that you verify the authenticity of every submission to the best of your abilities.

This is, after all, why most of you are here, and why most of you will spend the rest of your lives in this library. If you feel apprehensive about dedicating your life to going through a millennium and a half of personal journals and other lore of that nature, then know this: Our collected works extend MUCH further back in time than the founding of this library. Several priceless volumes even go back to the time before the Tearfall. I see that many of you are humbled -- as well you should be -- our work here is not for the faint of heart. We Avowed have spent our entire lives looking for just that one piece of information that slipped through the cracks. If that bothers you, then go in peace. We have sister-libraries all throughout Faerûn and beyond, and we would be happy to help you find placement with them. And for those of you who have instead been filled with wonder, then you are in good company.

Welcome, acolytes, gatherers of lore and seekers of the hidden to Candlekeep.”

  — Athol Mortus, in 1500 DR the Year of the Sea's Secrets Revealed

A Guide of Candlekeep in the service of Great Reader Tormas Vraal

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